WesTest’s Product and Services

boardWesTest Engineering Corporation offers turnkey hardware and software solutions for the military and aerospace.  Our family of VXIbus based automatic test
 systems are designed to support avionic and missile systems and diagnose to the component level. These state-of-the-art testers are currently being used to support the F-4, F-5 and
 F-16 aircraft at commercial and military depots in the United States and
 overseas locations.

The heart of our ATE products is WesTest’s innovative Windows based Test Program Development Environment. This allows complex software to be developed, tested, and integrated on a personal computer.  The
 system provides test station emulation, automatic program generation, Mil-Spec
 documentation, and software testing capabilities.

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WesTest Engineering Corporation is a unique small business that provides automated test equipment and diagnostic solutions for commercial and military repair depots.

Our broad Test Engineering expertise is a vital extension of many service centers. WesTest has experience as both a prime and subcontractor.


Our Mission

Provide full-service capabilities in the test engineering and automatic test equipment fields. WesTest provides complete ATE related services to government agencies and the aerospace industry.


Our Values

Long Term dedicated support. Superior Engineered Automated Test Equipment and diagnostic solutions.


Our Solution

WesTest manufacturers off-the-shelf automatic test systems and specializes in the development of custom test systems, application software and offers a complete range of product support services.


Demonstrated Capability

WesTest has the demonstrated capability of developing ATE related software including Test Program Sets, Compilers, Post Processors, Translators, and Test Executive Systems. WesTest specializes in the development of software systems for the Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

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